I am committed to learning to live in peace and teaching you how to access peace in your own lives, regardless of your circumstances. I am passionate about finding practices to suit every body with the understanding that often, less is more. My current focus is offering meditation and relaxation to ease mental suffering, in personalised sessions and small group online courses.

I fell in love with the peace of yoga while watching Swami Sarasvati on the television when I was three. She seemed the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, and I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. I began copying her postures and continued to sit in lotus and stand in tree through adolescence into my first yoga class in early adulthood.

Sadly, I did not feel the peace I had felt while practicing with the tellie all those years ago, instead I felt I wasn’t flexible enough, strong enough or wearing the right clothes – I just wasn’t good at yoga. Still, I persisted with different classes, my own practice, meditation retreats in search of that yoga feeling.

A moment of peace in crisis in a hospital bed in the UK showed me the power of meditation to manage mental and emotional turmoil. Then a moment in a Dru Yoga class back in Australia returned me to the yoga feeling for which I had been searching. I was back on track to finding my yoga.

Fast forward two years to 2007 and I found myself in excruciating pain in an electric wheelchair due to what was then diagnosed as MS, in a Dru meditation weekend. During one of the meditations I fell into a deep peace, within the discomfort. I knew that if I could learn to live in this peace, I could live with whatever was happening in my body. I emerged with the commitment to learn and share and began the Dru Yoga Training two months later.

I have since completed Dru Yoga Teacher Training, Dru Meditation Teacher Training, advanced Dru trainings, iRest Level 1, Trauma Informed yoga training and am currently training to become a clinical psychologist. I have now been teaching yoga meditation and relaxation for twelve years, in classes and private sessions to a broad range of people, including people with disabilities, chronic pain and chronic illness, mental illness, children with autism, in corporate environments, schools and gyms.

My book, A Journey to Peace through Yoga, has sold over 3000 copies across two editions and been borrowed and passed on many times over. Its message is peace is achievable for us all, regardless of the chaos in which we find ourselves, if we can find and then use the practice that takes us there. It continues to be my focus as a yoga and meditation teacher to help each student find this practice.