Book cover: Journey to Peace Through YogaA Journey to Peace Through Yoga

A Journey to Peace through Yoga tells the true story of Lynnette Dickinson’s life, from wheelchair to wellness and chaos to peace.

This is a true story of a woman’s journey through Multiple Sclerosis, using the power of her mind and tools of yoga and meditation to manage the symptoms and associated stress of MS. An inspiring journey of self-discovery, this book is about the transformation of our experience of life, regardless of circumstances.

It gives a clear and logical explanation of how you can realise your full and unlimited potential: including yoga, relaxation and meditation practice descriptions, how to begin and establish your own home practice, diet hints and stories that define key moments in Lynnette’s Journey.

Lynnette’s journey to peace is but a spark of the potential we all have to find greater peace and harmony in our lives.

A Journey to Peace through Yoga, was very important to me in my own journey through acute illness. Lynnette writes with humanity, humour, quiet wisdom and without a shred of sentimentality about her own journey through ill-health to wholeness. It is a story of emotional and spiritual resilience which would inspire any reader – it is about the importance of developing a spiritual practice to steady you through challenges (emotional and spiritual) of life. It’s also one the best books I have read about yoga and meditation and how to apply them liberally to a normal busy family life. It’s a deeply empowering book. Lynnette is not writing about a miracle cure – but a way of living which truly does bring peace in challenging times. It guided me through my own health crisis but remains with me as a reminder to cultivate wholeness and peace at all other times too. Charlotte Bazely, Scriptwriter

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