There is no better time than now to commit ourselves to create more peace in our lives.

Peace Whispering will show you how you can get more peace in your life and why it’s so important in our modern world. Tools for creating peace such as mindfulness, relaxation, and mindful movement are accessible for us all and the evidence for benefits for our physical and mental health, cognitive ability, relationships and economic outcomes are compelling.

If you’re not sure why we should actively cultivate more peace in our lives, here are a few reasons:

  • Depression is the disease of the 21st The World Health Organisation has predicted depression to be the world’s greatest cause of disability during our lifetime.
  • Anxiety disorders and psycho-social disorders are increasing across all age and socio-economic groups, at an alarming rate
  • In Canberra, stress related leave continues to increase at record levels.
  • Canberran schools are experiencing higher rates of behavioural problems, including issues related to foetal alcohol syndrome and domestic abuse.
  • The incidence of domestic and random violence is increasing
  • Increasing numbers of school age children are being medicated for depression, anxiety, ADHD and psychosis.
  • Suicide is increasing across all age-groups, socio-economic groups and particularly our youth.
  • Incarceration rates in are increasing, particularly amongst women.
  • The incidence of chronic and degenerative diseases, particularly auto-immune diseases, is increasing. While an increasing body of evidence suggests over 90% of chronic disease is caused or worsened by stress
  • Add to this, the ongoing real global threats of climate change, the refugee crisis and global violence, including human trafficking, terrorism and war.

The result is that we are living in a constant state of crisis that is flooding our physiology with a cascade of stress chemicals, which feeds back in to the cycle of stress. We feel disempowered and overwhelmed.

who wouldn’t a few moments of peace in this world of crazy?

But we can change this story.

There is a growing body of evidence that clearly shows that doing certain practices regularly and adopting lifestyle changes can not only significantly improve our own personal mental and physical health, but when adopted by whole groups, can significantly improve the health of and wellbeing of our whole community.

Added to this, increasing peace of mind and creating a peaceful heart, naturally increases compassion. This improves outcomes in education, business, criminal justice and health, across all metrics.

Practicing peace might be just the antidote to our society’s epidemic of crisis. However, many of us don’t believe peace is possible in our lives, or that the practices are superstitious with no evidence, associated with religion or just too complicated.

And as a meditation teacher, people have often asked me, “how do I find a meditation teacher that’s right for me?” Other things I hear a lot is “I can’t meditate, my mind is too busy” or  “I don’t have time”.

At Peace Whispering you will learn how easy it is to find more peace of mind in yours and your children’s lives. You will find the teachers that will teach you, your children and your workplaces how to find peace. You will hear the evidence supporting these practices, the benefits and the outcomes of implementing these strategies.


Saturday, 15th September – Mark the date in your calendar


the beautiful, heritage listed Shine Dome in Acton Canberra.


One whole day of the why and how of Peace.


Early Bird tickets will be on sale in April for $149 including lunch and morning & afternoon tea

Concessions and scholarships will also be available.

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ALL PROFITS FROM TICKET SALES WILL BE DONATED TO THE United Nations High Commission for Refugees.