Day 3 conclusions:

  1. It wasn’t about ‘them’ or anything they have done or not done, it was about my state of being. Evoking love before engaging in difficult conversations, writing or thinking about how to resolve an issue makes win-win authentically possible.
  2. Taking the time to immerse myself in love really does make a difference to the ease of evoking the love as well as the background mood.
  3. Evoking love when contemplating my own decisions results in much clearer, more authentic and more powerful decisions.


Since my paralysis when at 11 I have intermittently experienced moments when one or both of my legs refused to move (sometimes my arms, sometimes my whole body). It was like the wires to my muscles were cut; the intention was there, the muscle strength was there but the connections were not. I would be stuck in a stationary position until it passed or someone push started my leg or arm or whatever. I felt trapped and frustrated, a living statue.

This is how I was feeling about my book I woke up this morning; a well written book, a powerful story and the combination that inspires people to look at their lives differently but without the connections that would get it moving. A pretty, living statue.

Despondent and discouraged.

Yet after half an hour of immersing myself in love, anchoring in my finger and chanting Om I rose feeling determined, not reactive, determined. I still wasn’t sure whether I would continue with the project of A Journey to Peace through Yoga, 2nd edition, yet neither was I feeling like a living trapped. What I was feeling was energised curiosity and trust that an answer would emerge.

I edited my post from last night and wrote an email to the publicist. I evoked love with the anchoring technique (which I am finding really does work when it is anchored properly), and wrote and I discovered my ‘angle’ on my work and my voice while I was writing. I also discovered that I was holding this person with the same care and respect I would hold someone who had accepted my book project – it wasn’t about ‘them’ or anything they have done or not done, it was about my state of being. I was sad and disappointed, unsure of what I was going to do but have evoked love I was able to hold the person, my feelings and love in the same hand. This is a very real experience of taking responsibility for my emotions and something I may have had to fake not so long ago. This is very cool!

Then I taught a yoga class which again felt authentic, intuitive and confident. My voice was strong, both in tone and expression. I taught two private yoga therapy classes and rode to Woden with my daughter, shopped with a certainty that made shopping an actual pleasure and felt excited about Christmas – not a given.

Now I have made some decisions about my immediate future which I couldn’t have imagined making this morning – decisions that feel ‘right’… they have been made out of love instead of fear.