Day 21 conclusions:

  • Love gives me courage not to be perfect.


Today I have found courage to acknowledge my own confusion, I felt safe to not know what to do in my life and I was able to read criticism of my blog without collapsing into the feeling of failure which leads to offensive defence.

Love of myself within myself leads not to an external version of ‘perfect’ but an acceptance of what is, and acceptance allows me to see the truths of my behaviour and how it impacts on other people. This then automatically leads to acceptance of other people – the standard isn’t perfection – and a sneaking awareness of shared life.

And interestingly enough, this acceptance doesn’t lead to inaction for me; my fear leads to inaction.  The acceptance and the choice to love gives me permission to fail, which also gives me permission to grow and succeed.

So today I have sent further requests for help with the publicity for my book. I have discovered that I really want to work with people to pull this off, I want to find people with imagination and publicity skill who think half in and half out of the box.

And I can do this because love gave me the courage to not be perfect.