• I am appreciating life more.
  • I am more willing to take risks.
  • I feel like I am really connecting with people, people who are not my family or my students; perhaps even moving forward with people.
  • I am learning to receive and in learning how to receive graciously I am becoming more graciously giving.
  • And I still haven’t meltedJ.


This may sound like a no-brainer but I am appreciating life more. My life circumstances have not really changed (it has only been three days!), but I feel more positive about my life and its possibilities. My thoughts seem so much more expansive.

My theory is that I am not spending much time limiting myself in the deficit mode so my mind has more time to explore and has more capacity to be spacious.


And as consequence of this exploration and positivity, I have become bolder. I find that I am taking more risks, personally and professionally. I have started to appreciate my wins and I’m not afraid to acknowledge my losses, and I’m even starting to voice my intentions, dreams and frustrations to people other than my nearest and dearest – people who may be able to help me address those frustrations.

I think gratitude has built on love and I am more often speaking my truth. I have decided to work with a coach to refine and embolden my voice. I am making approaches, asking and making phone calls, I think because I am loved, I am grateful and I can take risks.


Conversations have become something I look forward to in a relaxed and easy way. I used to be shy, cautious and feel awkward. And while gratitude cannot lay claim to all of this transformation, the last three days have definitely been different.

Perhaps appreciating my life, I can more honestly be in interested others’ lives and be grateful for their contribution to mine. And people are responding by going out of their way to help me. I feel like I am really connecting with people, people who are not my family or my students; perhaps even moving forward with people. Very cool.


And I am learning how to receive. Today I have received an offer to be coached, compliments about my use of language, offers to work with other people in studios and on retreat and the holiday I am about to have with my partner and daughter. It is like up until the last 24 hours I have only been able to receive or do something if it was going to benefit someone else and now I can receive just for myself and I can do just because I want to do. And do you know what the really weird thing is? In graciously receiving I have become more graciously giving.

I know this all sounds a lot to achieve from just saying thank you for three days but all I’m doing is reporting my experience of my life during this period. It may be more impactful because I have just spent 21 days in an experiment with love which created and still creates a bed of love and acceptance in which gratitude can rest.

I think saying thank you really is very powerful.

I think I am ready to move in to the more systematic approach to gratitude and daily give thanks the different aspects of my life rather than being so random, as I have been.

Oh, and I know it might be boring for you but it was 38°C in Canberra today and I still haven’t melted. My legs took turns in making moves to collapse this afternoon but this is insignificant compared to being a puddle on the sofa. Yay! J

Namaste with love,