Day 8 conclusions:

  1. When we allow love to become a physical sensation it becomes anchored within our physical body and, for that moment, we become love.
  2. When we become love, the separation we usually experience between ourselves and other is reduced, and maybe even dissolves.


I have been wondering why this practice is so powerful and I think it is because we allow love to become a sensation in the body and then allow the sensation to sink into the essence of our physical bodies. Love is anchored in our bodies and we take our bodies everywhere, unlike an external object. Even jewellery are objects that sit outside of our being.

Each day when we become freshly infused with the sensation of love we become love, so that when we evoke love through the intentional stroke of a finger and an Om we again become love for that moment. Whether we evoke love in response to events in our day or regularly through the day just because we can, we are increasing the residual effect of love through our whole energy system.

My felt experience of this is a reduced feeling of separation from other, whether the other is my meditation flame, the person in front of me or my life circumstances. As a yoga teacher and therapist this enables me to respond intuitively in classes and one-on-one sessions, increasing the efficacy and accuracy of my teachings.

Reducing separation naturally increases empathy and compassion because it increases the love within yourself and an awareness of oneness with life, which is the wisdom underpinning compassion. And sometimes, perhaps only fleetingly, it even dissolves separation altogether and that has been a felt experience of oneness with life.