Day 9 conclusions:

  • Living in love is like living with the veil lifted – I can see life more clearly because my fear is not clouding my perceptions.
  • Living in love gives me greater capacity to express fear and doubt because I am not feeling afraid of fear itself.
  • Living in love enables me to see myself more clearly because I am not feeling threatened and/or needing to defend myself – I don’t need to seem perfect or like I have everything together.
  • Everything, even pain and discomfort, can be bathed in love.


The essence is that I have had several intense mentoring and personal conversations today in which once I would have felt threatened, in one way or another. Today, firmly grounded in love, I was able to listen, express myself, question and see situations and myself with clarity. I have felt pain and discomfort that bathed in love has calmly sat alongside other sensations, without dominating my world.

There has been no resistance because with a quick stroke of my finger and an Om I was able to welcome what is, including other people’s opinions. A much easier and more compassionate way to live a life – like a steady tree in the breeze of the world..